folktale week 2023
Folktale week is a week long art challenge on instagram that encourages artists to share stories and explore character creation and visual storytelling. I decided to take part this year and take a couple mushroom characters on an adventure to find their way home.
Painted digitally in Procreate
Our intrepid little mushrooms have been researching and exploring the world and now they are ready to head home. Only... they've managed to get a little lost.
Prompt: Lost
Our little mushrooms have finally found the road home and are promptly distracted by butterflies they just have to stop and sketch for their research.
Prompt: Ink
Our little mushrooms don't remember crossing the sea but the road is leading them that way. So they hire a boat and start rowing. It all works out though, they get a close encounter with a sea monster which they record in their notebooks immediately as soon as they reach dry land.
Prompt: Sea
Our little mushrooms continue their journey and, soon enough, they discover the path is blocked. By a sleeping dragon. They creep past it very quietly, they do not want to wake it. 
Prompt: Sleep
Our mushrooms have made it past the dragon only to find themselves in a deep dark cave. And then they turn a corner to find a treasure trove of fossils and glowing crystals.
Prompt: Underground
Our little mushrooms are very nearly home! But before they reach it, they are surrounded by beautiful glowing lights.
Prompt: Illusion
Our little mushrooms find their way home! Their notebooks are filled with all the extraordinary things they've seen and they have so many stories to tell.
The End.
Prompt: Found
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